Unique Uniform


Unique Uniform

‘Textile can be shaped and worn. it conveys a statement or carries symbolism. I simply love the versatile nature of it.’

– Dorchess


In the series Unique Uniform, I explored how we wish to belong to a group but also want to express our individuality. In corporate settings, uniformity is appreciated as a sign of professional standard. I wish to identify exactly who brings what to achieve the quality of services at the workplace. By designing personalized prints for cuffs, I identified the individual’s characteristics and qualities.


Dorchess collaborated with h2o-design studio, to design cuffs for four brothers. Dorchess wrote a poem about inherited family traits, such as creativity and determination. The prints were inspired by nature photographs made by their father, who had passed away.

‘The cuffs were a means to connect the brothers as family members and at the same time distinguish them as unique individuals. The design was made as a tribute to their father.’



You can have cuffs made for you, your family or your team. Contact me to discuss your ideas!