Ending a (long-term) relationship

Nobody said being in a relationship is easy…and neither is separating.

In this training you will work together as a group of people that are all in the process of ending a long-term relationship.

There is so much we can learn from each other this process that is often experienced as lonely and painful. By sharing participants support each other emotionally. You will come out stronger!

There is a choice in every step you take.

Align with your values and choose how you separate. This way it can be dignified and respectful.

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Please note: this training does not include mediation services (i.e. solicitor’s services, legal rights and divorce procedures) and is not relationship-therapy.

This training is for people in the process of ending a relationship. There is room for both parties (people that were involved in a relationship with each other) or for one of you. All will part-take as individuals in a group of people.

This group-training can be booked by mediators, therapeutic institutes, therapists.