Experience the New Economy

Our economy is on the verge of collapse.

Now what?

Is there another scenario?

In this full-day interactive workshop we explore the elements at play in our economies and experience a felt sense of urgency for change.

So that we can make it happen.

Working with Action Methods and Sociometry, participants explore their own and each others’ current points of view and experience future scenarios. The interactive methods deepen the awareness and insight around collectively shared themes, beyond the obvious, and open people up to new scenarios.

There is a felt sense of urgency for change on both an individual and collective level. This way of working empowers and connects people ready to face our challenges ahead.

Organised by Dorchess.

New sessions are being discussed. Would you like to experience the New Economy in your finance department or at your faculty of economics, get in touch!

Facilitated by: Kees Klomp – New Economics Lab and So!Team with Irina Stefanescu,

Valerie Monti Holland, Jacomien Ilbrink and Dorchess de Koning.