MASCAS Experience

There is a lot of predictability in our daily lives, by our need for security. Negative media broadcasts, high expectations of personal performance, keeping up appearances on social media and various demands in your relationships. And since 2020 life has been disrupted by a pandemic!

How does this impact you. Your motivation, your energy?

When did you last choose for yourself, for something you think is important? Surrendering to your deeper needs without answering to the demands of your significant others.

The MASCAS Experience invites you to step out of your organized life. Empty your overfilled mind.
Inviting you to stand still and experience something unexpected.

Using performance art, the MASCAS Experience unfolds as you journey in as one of the characters. You want to join to embrace your curious, open-minded and playful side. Because you wish to explore how You direct Your life.

A chance to rediscover you being human. And to re-establish true connection.

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I was quite afraid to go, but I’m so glad I did!’

Mysterious and life-changing for me.

It was so interesting to experience this! It gave me more insight about myself.’