Health Care Interventions

Wearing only white attire gives quite a clinical, impersonal feeling. This can be disconcerting to vulnerable patients in need of health care.

I designed personalised cuffs depicting a professor’s personal views and visuals of his work field.

In doing so I aim to bring more connection between medical professionals and patients, by creating a different level of closeness whilst respecting professional distance.

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Interventions in health care

In the examples below are some interventions I did to improve care.

At the Park

In this dental practice located in central Rotterdam, I changed the waiting experience into a ‘Walk in the Park’. Nature is a healing environment. Images and references to nature in a space, where one would otherwise be nervous, uncomfortable or seek distraction on a digital device, bring inspiration and a release of tension.


Mose is the brainchild of Dorchess, and is inspired by our innate need for touch and with the intention to integrate more care into cure for medical institutes.This modular and sensory wall, originally designed for waiting rooms, seemingly comes to life by touch. Mose was conceptualized in 2013 and the working prototype was released in 2015.

In collaboration with industrial designers Peet and Gerben (design studio TOIMII), we created Mose to bring a sense of belonging to all who were ‘in touch with Mose’. We invited people to get in touch by the ‘Meet Mose’ campaign at Dutch Design Week in 2015.

After the successful launch of Mose, the prototype featured at World Trade Center Rotterdam, health innovation conferences in Nijmegen and The Hague, a festival in Utrecht and a hospital in Tilburg. Mose was awarded a research grant in 2016 for its innovative qualities and implementation.

By touching the soft body-like ‘wall surface’, Mose gradually starts to change shape and colour. A slow rising and falling landscape under your hands, a beautiful sensory experience. It makes people feel calm and safe.

Mose is inclusive. We tested it on people with visual impairment and disabilities, as well as elderly people and children.

It changed the waiting room experience and made communal spaces in hospitals and care homes inspiring and rejuvenating. Mose brings connection amongst patients, visitors and medical staff. For those who did not dare to get in touch physically, but chose to watch others play instead, it brought a new topic of conversation between people.

Rotszorg* is a team experience that uses fine dining as a learning process.

In collaboration with creative chef Gilbert Kolff and concept designer Nienke van Look, we create immersive, healthy dining experiences for health care professionals.

During this experience, health care professionals are invited to explore where they stand in the health care landscape. In various exercises, participants taste and ‘digest’ the issues they are facing.

These trainings are creative, educational, delicious! It is a training that is never forgotten!

*Rotszorg means Rock Care, a strong and sturdy type of care. It’s a wordplay on the word rotzorg, meaning ‘useless care’. It is also a reference to the city of Rotterdam, where this idea took form.

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