Eyes on Me – the project

An art project for and about Unforgettable People. Artistic, life-size ‘haute couture’ art portraits featuring valuable lives.

The first series was made of and for children in foster care, who were invited to model as an artwork, thus emphasizing their strength and resilience.

This first edition of this project was carried out by Dorchess – contemporary artist in collaboration with photographer Lideke Detmers. Exhibitions were held in both Asia and Europe. We had beautiful postcards printed with the artworks on them and the line You are Unforgettable! These cards are still for sale. Not only does it support our project; it also makes the receiver feel special. You can also support the continuation of the project with a donation or by commissioning an artwork.
The Asian exhibition was at Quaint Bangkok on 22 February 2018, during the VIP Take Five – art, jazz and wine pairing event with fundraising for a foster project in Thailand. You can watch the video by clicking above or here. It was completely sold out! For this exhibition, I was supported in many ways by and collaborated with Athalie de Koning and her jazz ensemble Jazziam. Various amazing sponsors helped with wine, frames and goody bag suprises!
On 12 May 2018, at the exhibition held in The Netherlands, we had an ensemble of classical musicians play as each portrait was revealed. Alongside the music and artwork, there were specific bites – a specific flavour to accompany each artwork.
With help of my intern Myra Willemse, we designed a label for wine and had two special white wines and a red wines with a new label that read Dorchess’ quote ‘Why whine when you have so much to be grapeful for?’ We sold these bottles to raise extra support for the project.
The next exhibition followed during Kunstroute (Art Route) Kralingen-Crooswijk on 6-7 October and 13-14 October at Fleur’s Depot in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Click on the image above to watch the promotion video about how this project began, made non-profit by Ron Blom. Thank you, Ron.