About me

Hello there. Thank you for exploring my website. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

The energy and spark that is exchanged during training is what drives me. I love to see positive change taking place and love to help people find their purpose and stand up for progress!

In this work my love for creativity, art and poetry comes together. I am fascinated by behaviour, social interaction and self-development. After obtaining a Masters degree in Pedagogy (childhood-adulthood development) and a Bachelors degree in Mental Health Sciences, I followed further training in therapeutic interventions, systemic-therapy, psychology, embodiment, sociometry and sociodrama, as well as in the arts. I aspire to have a life-time of learning and an open-minded approach to people. I believe a person is so much more than what is stated on their resume.

You can book me for customised training, as a speaker to liven up conferences and for coaching in self-development and organisational change.