Eyes on Me – social art project

More about Eyes on Me and what You Can Do

Not only donations help, but also commissioning an artwork for yourself. You choose.

Since August 2017 Dorchess has been creating life-size, haute couture art portraits for valuable people. The artwork includes photography and textile techniques. The first series of portraits were made for children in care. By including the model in making them the of art, the project connects people with art and people with one another and a social issue we are all a part of.

The title Eyes on Me (Oog op Mij in Dutch) was chosen because we all need to be noticed and valued. It’s not about name or fame, it’s about connection and embodiment.

The artworks raise awareness for the need for caring communities to raise children, to be connected and to support each other in our vulnerabilities.

The portraits mirror to the children how valuable and unforgettable they are. Each person receives a reprint of their own after exhibition.

Each portrait was revealed with beautiful, fitting music and something for the taste buds to enjoy. This way, art is what it should be – a multi-sensory and memorable experience! Athalie de Koning, jazz musician, singer and performer, wrote a song especially to accompany one of the artworks. Once a studio recording has been made, we would love to share it with you.

The Eyes on Me project is expanding. Photographers are invited to join as we make series of different groups of people. I aim to create a family of portraits, consisting of several ‘character series’. You can also have your own portrait made.

One of the series is named ‘Before I leave’. Each work celebrates the life of the elderly person portrayed, creating a memoire in the form of art, while they can still celebrate this with us.

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