July-Aug – Publieke Werken

Large art posters across Rotterdam, including my work from Haute Couture Art Portraits

June-July – Window Exhibition

May – second place in Poetry Slam Rotterdam

April – release of my first two poetry & photography magazines, called poezines. A Dutch edition named ‘Liefde met Gaten’, translated as ‘Love with Holes’ or Holey Love 😉 and an English one titled Love

As of 1 March – Chairwoman of Karmijn Artist Collective



October-December – made various videos for social media themed ‘Love Says…’

9 November – Creative director and Master of Ceremony for a wonderful celebration of long-term love

29 September 2019 – Recital for theme ‘Uit de Knop’ during Pride 2019 House of Colours – Roze viering. Paradijskerk Rotterdam

28 August – 8 September – Collective exhibition with Karmijn Artist collective at Fenixloods, Rotterdam

June-September – worked on various textile experiments and projects, such as Making Faces, Randombroidery – wild stitchings,  The Reef on your Sleeve, logo Be You Love and T-shirt designs for Be Love Proud

May 2019 Poetry recital at monthly meet-up of St. Intermin – The Hague

May 2019 – Attended Stone Soup, an experience design gathering of 40 creatives at a castle. Each of us hosted various workshops and collaboratively designed experiences for each other using materials and space at hand.

2019 Member of Lions Film Award committee. We arranged for a new prize for young Rotterdam filmmakers, in collaboration with Rotterdam’s Open Doek Festival and Lantarenvenster. Lion’s Club l’Esprit du Temps. The first edition was held on 22 May, 2019

24 May –  OHZO Meet the Makers exhibition at our shared studio. Wijkcoop Rotterdam

Dorchess | Tries on Love. Poetic performance & Embroidered graphic novel- short story

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March – Commissioned project for an acoustic wall-panel with textile collage

February 2019 Supporting youth in organising a youth poetry & performance night named Jong Mondig, in collaboration with Jongeren Bijdrage Regeling, restaurant Green Delight and Rick ‘Droominee’ Zundert

January 2019 Creative intervention at Lion’s club gathering – Rotterdam

January – August 2019 Coaching a young teenager to organise ‘Rotterdam Rebelles’, a creative & cool girls camp to connect girls from Rotterdam and encourage self-development as well as creativity



October 2018 Poetry performance at Werkplaats voor de Ziel – live music and poetry – Rotterdam

6-7 and 13-14 October 2018 Kunstroute Kralingen-Crooswijk, Rotterdam. Exhibitions at four locations. Main stage at Fleur’s Depot, where I worked on a new artwork in real time!  Featuring Eyes on Me and other textile collage artwork

October 2018 Pakje Kunst – I made twenty mini-artworks using photo’s and textiles. Each one fits into a cigarette-sized packet. Anybody can purchase a mini-artwork from the Pakje Kunst vending machine in Rotterdam

12 May  Exhibition Eyes on Me. Zomerhofstraat 75, Rotterdam – during Route du Nord Art Festival. At 5pm we will have an official opening with live music and bites to appeal to the senses!

22 February Exhibition ‘Take Five’ – with a jazz-song by Jazziam and wine-pairing by Fin Wine with each portrait. At Quaint Bangkok, Thailand



A.I.R. at ZOHO Rotterdam. Creation of life-size, haute couture portraits using textile and photography

Launched project Eyes on Me – emphasizing the strength of foster children by making life-size, haute couture portraits of them

16 December – Poetry recitals from my poetry books on a ‘fluisterboot‘, a quiet boat carrying passengers past idyllic scenery along the canal of Delft. At Donkere dagen van Delft (Dark days of Delft, Christmas market)



A.I.R. (artist in residence) at Baexem Castle, Baexem (NL)

World Trade Centre, Rotterdam (NL). Exhibition of Mose

Poet at Picnic Island Festival, Rotterdam. ‘Dichter bij de Rotte’ (Poet on the water). Interactive poetry recital by Dorchess during a boat trip on the river



Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven (NL), presenting Mose 1.0

Dorchess’ poem about the river Rotte was published by Stichting Plezierrivier de Rotte on a foldable map with the river routes alongside a poem written by Dirk Smits in 1750



Shaken Fall – counselor, Artist week, Belgium



Parcours, Maastricht (NL)

Shaken Winter – participant, Artist week, Belgium


Photography exhibition, Red Carpet Event, Maastricht


Zomeravonden (Summer nights) Festival, AINSI