• Why you’re here

    Life is messy, intriguing and unpredictable.

    Your perspective on it makes all the difference in how you live your precious life!

    Right now, how do you feel?

    Embarrassed, happy, bored, stressed, angry, in love, moved, scared, numb, ecstatic, confused…the list goes on.

    How do you know this? Where can you feel it in the body? And how would you want to feel?

    Sometimes you need a little help.


    Hi. I’m Dorchess, and my training agency is named Evolve. The process of evolving inspires me greatly. Now is constantly moving towards future. I offer coaching to individuals and teams.

    I’m curious about you. I care. Book a session if you feel like you could use that.


    All things are constantly changing, on micro and macro level. Change can feel uncomfortable and there is often resistance to it. And yet, it’s so natural. It’s a constant process inside our bodies. Our cells are adapting every second.

    Collaboration and curiosity are necessary in both self-development as well as in organisational transformation. A human needs attention. Support from an outsider who can identify the elements that are at play nourishes and encourages people. Blockage such as anxiety, trauma and past experiences can be addressed together.

    Inspired by art, sociometry/action methods, embodiment, neuroscience and systemic psychology, I help teams and individuals to envision a broader perspective.

    Organisations work because of the people in them. There needs to be a space to examine what is needed to move forward. This is what I provide in interactive training, inspiration sessions and ‘out-of-office experiences’.

    Book a conversation with me, so we can explore which training would be best for people in your organisation.

    Dorchess has a keen eye for improvement, helps you see the dots and connect them.’

    What are the benefits?

    • Prevents burn out and bore out
    • Deeper learning – (developing) a growth mind-set
    • More energy & creative flow
    • Effective strategy
    • Higher engagement and positive dynamics
    • Improves team dynamics
    • Brings liveliness to the workplace and at conferences

    Who is this for?

    • Leaders, managers, team coaches or change-makers
    • Cultural institutes, health care organisations, government departments, socially engaged corporations
    • Change makers | Thinkers: for when you feel stuck or you need to feel empowered towards change
  • Evolve ~ Coaching & Training


    Dorchess provides creative training and tailored, interactive workshops for organisations in transformation and individuals wanting to experience life more fully. Online training is available too.

    Click here for examples of training I offer to teams and (online) groups.

    What does training do?

    Clearer vision & strategy | out-of-the-box solutions to complex dilemma’s | pro-active approach to implementation of goals | burn-out prevention | higher employee-satisfaction | guidance in transformational processes | unearthing creativity | more joy and inspiration at work | defining your purpose | visual thinking | implementing available talent in the right place


    ‘Winds of change’ – what about working in an organisation that blows your mind?



    I had got quite stuck in my ways and felt weary of my job. Dorchess helped me design a playful approach to situations that seem overwhelming, that I now teach my employees too.‘ – Evelyn (Hospitality professional)

    The training with Dorchess was not the post-it, corporate type but a fresh influx of creativity which helped me in the reorganisation of my company.‘ – Charles (CEO health care innovation)



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    Your organisation is facing a difficult challenge. A situation with many factors at play.

    I am attracted to complex dilemma’s and like to look at it from various angles. Many aspects are interrelated. Together we unravel the strands and design a fitting approach.

    Co-creation is instigated by using the artist mindset. It widens perspective and creates value. People I work with open up to a new take on the dilemma’s they face. By exploring their (sometimes hidden) creativity they feel empowered to make necessary changes.

    Book a conversation with me, so we can explore the challenges in your organisation.

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