• The Artist


    Dorchess has a creative curiosity for text, textile and textures. In her poetry she explores the inner world of emotion and experience.

    Her artwork is layered and playful.

    She loves silliness, natural photography, textiles and dancing.

    Over the past years she has created a body of work ranging from one-off pieces of furniture and light objects, interior designs for public space, and Mose – an interactive wall that comes to life through touch . Her focus at this time lies on unique contemporary artworks using textile, photography and poetry. 


  • Portfolio

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  • Today

    Dorchess now continues her creative career in Rotterdam.

    Currently, Dorchess is sharing more of her poetry, both as performances as in tangible forms – click on Poezines to find out more. Recent textile work includes freehand stitching (‘textile sketches’) and photographic textile collages as well as life-size haute couture art portraits using photography and a variety of textile techniques in an ongoing project named Eyes on Me.

    Rough, raveled and relevant or subtle, soft and sensual – she works with layered textiles interwoven with meaning.

    She is intrigued by symbols, tribal rituals and how dreams may affect your day to day reality.

    In 2017 she organized an interdisciplinary exhibition involving music, poetry and art which traveled from Rotterdam to Bangkok.

    Dorchess has a special interest in creating artwork for public space, such as in corridors, airports and hotel lobby’s, as one is there more often by necessity than desire.

    Book a meeting with Dorchess to discuss your ideas to improve your hospitality using art.

    Dorchess’ warm hospitality concepts such as Content Seating and Mose arose from the need for play, belonging and touch.

  • Training

    Training & Workshops

    Dorchess provides creative training or interactive workshops for teams and creative or therapeutic coaching for individuals and their partner, family and/or friend-group. This is called working with a ‘system’, the important people you want to be connected with.

    A pro-active approach to implementation of goals | strengthening your creative self | finding more joy and inspiration for/from work | burn-out prevention | self-awareness | exploring and accepting your body-mind connection | visual thinking


    ‘Dorchess helped me (re)discover a more playful approach to life’ – Linda (Health care professional)

    ‘The training with Dorchess was not the post-it, corporate type but a fresh influx of creativity which helped me put focus in the right place’ – Karel (Health Innovator)

    Under Mascas Events, I teamed up with Thomas, a graphic designer, creative coach and performance artist. Together we offer cross-over experiences of self-reflection and theater with an exciting and secret location revealed only to participants the day before the event. Follow us on social media and/or on our website to see the dates for this year.



    Under the name Rotszorg, a wordplay of ‘nasty care’ and ‘strong care’ (strong like a rock), Dorchess teams up with another concept designer and creative chef to provide edible team sessions for health care professionals to strengthen them and to nurture both their professional and personal aspirations.

  • Mose is the brainchild of Dorchess. This modular and sensory wall, originally designed for waiting rooms, seemingly comes to life by touch. Mose was conceptualized in 2013 and the working prototype was released in 2015.

    Mose brings a sense of belonging and calm to people that interact with it. In collaboration with studio TOIMII, new modules are being designed to expand Mose’s functionality in other environments.

    Due to the success of Mose launched at the Dutch Design Week in 2015, the module featured at World Trade Center Rotterdam, health innovation conferences in Nijmegen and The Hague, a festival in Utrecht and a hospital in Tilburg. Mose was awarded a research grant in 2016 for its innovative qualities and implementation. Further research and development are now taking place to take Mose to the next level.
    Meet Mose here

  • Contact

    To commission a new artwork or purchase a piece from the gallery, please fill out the enquiry form  or contact 06-40255861.

    Commission a personal artwork: Dorchess turns your memories into art. Artistic fusion of a life size photograph and pieces of fabric that carry a special memory – your mother’s dress, grandfather’s handkerchief or your childhood blanket – to create a unique and personal artwork.

    Keep an eye on FB for events and exhibitions.